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A forgotten Classic Live DnB Group

Man, I loved these guys. At the time, I loved them even more so than London Elekricity when they were doing their live thing. I feel like way too many people have no idea who they even are these days, and that is a damn shame. Wikipedia lists them as still active, but I only see three members. I also never even heard of their 2007 album, which I find surprising. Definitely going to have to grab that.

EZ Rollers – Live @ Audioroom, Vienna (1999) by Drum & Bass Classics on Mixcloud

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Been A Minute

Is it really insomnia when you just do not want to sleep? I hate the mornings except for the occasional odd ball where I am productive as can be. I think the only reason that even happens is because I was up so late the night prior that I had to hit the sack early.

That being said, I am stressing about my barely wine. 3 weeks and not a hint of carbonation! Granted, it is the highest ABV that I have dealt with. My Black RyePA is back and stronger than ever because I fucked things up in my favor. A nice Kolsh is planned for this weekend.

That barely wine is not the only reason I am stressing though. It is the end of Winter soon, and it takes forever. From Feb to the point where every morning is 40 degrees or more sucks, but since I started working from home in October, its even worse. I know, poor me, works from home. I need to get out of this house, and there is no escape until it warms up.

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Gnome 3.8

I think I started this update process on Wednesday. Its finally done today. There were so many conflicts and issues when moving over to Systemd, which I had not even realized was needed when I started, which took up a lot of time. I was causally dealing with emerge issues until Friday. After emerging Gentoo all those times and finally figuring all that out, I finally had to go read the systemd page to make some changes to my Grub 2 configuration, as well as get my network manager running. I like the way you just enable services with Systemd. All seems to be well now. In fact it actually works better than before using Openrc. Everything boots up faster.

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All Grain Brews

This May I finally made the switch to all grain brewing. I kind of wish I did it sooner. My first three extract batches were the best, but the others were lacking in one area or another. Varying ages and qualities of different malt extracts from different sources can lead to less than desirable things. Now I can really tweak things and save money in the long run.

My first brew was an all Simcoe hopped IPA, and it was amazing. I over shot my water calculations a little bit with my new system, but I worked out the kinks. It is hands down one of the best IPAs I have ever had.

The next up was a Saison which came out very good. I recently had one out at Goodnight Irene’s Brew Pub in Wildwood that I considered identical. A word of warning, they don’t actually brew anything at Irene’s.

I followed that up with an American wheat beer, four gallons of which sat in a secondary fermenter with strawberries for 2 weeks. I was lucky enough to come across some Amarillo hops the same day they came in at the local shop. They have been very elusive this year due to a bad crop/harvest. The gallon I bottled without sitting on the strawberries had a somewhat strawberry flavor from the hops to start with. The final product is pretty hazy, but damned delicious. The strawberries didn’t effect the final gravity either, but I don’t know how that is possible. There was a bunch of really gross haze at the bottom of the fermenter that I left behind, but could everything above it really have been left unchanged? That would mean the strawberries really fermented out well.

I also brewed up another IPA, this time using all Amarillo hops, and the same malts as before. I am not a big fan, but the wife loves it. It has a really strong earthy and organic hop smell. Unfortunately, I just don’t think I really like the earthy flavors in an IPA. Not without some other variety of hops at least. However, that would mess up the point of this whole experiment. I really want to be able to pinpoint hops, especially those outside of the usual C varieties, like Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, etc.

In the works will be a black juniper ryePA, a style I have seen nobody do at this point. I also never really understood its naming. How can a pale ale be black? After that, it should be time for an apple wheat before getting into pumpkin brews and maybe a barleywine for the holidays.

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Installing Gentoo on a T430

I once attempted to get Gentoo up and running on a several year old PC with no success. That was around 2003. I don’t remember the issue, but I don’t think I could even get the system to boot to the shell. After getting a new laptop today, about 10 years later, I decided to give it another go.

I quickly ran into a few issues from old documentation, which plagues the open source world. After compiling my kernel, I tried to boot with no luck. The kernel needed options not listed in the set up guide, and I am not sure how it would ever work without it. No big deal though. I added it. I also find it funny the kernel is compiled in x86 and not x86_64, and until I finally got it booted, I wondered if I was actually going to be running a 64 bit install.  The instructions mentioned yet another directory, i386. I think it might be time to update that one fellas. It doesn’t even exist anymore. The instructions also mentioned eth0, which the distro killed off. I had to use its new name. The modules needed by the kernel for my card were the next-gen ones apparently, so I had to correct my mistake there. After all of that I was finally on the laptop and connected to the Internet.

Now its just time to compile everything and search for any missing packages.

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